Hey it’s me…

I am seriously the worst when it comes to writing or talking about myself, but here goes… When I was about 10 I would spend my allowance on disposal cameras and would then dress my little sister up and take photos of her, the cat, and the dog, my horse and pretty much everything else. Photography has been a hobby for pretty much all of my life - however, I never aspired to become a photographer, it just kind of happened, which I am so thankful for because sometimes it’s those little things in life that just pop up out of nowhere that can become the biggest blessings - like being a photographer in Sun Valley Idaho and having a career I am so passionate about.

I discovered my LOVE of photography when I realized I could tell a story without having to use words. I used to and still do love going through my parents old photo albums, stories of them and their parents and their grandparents are tangible evidence of the lives they have lived, the places they have been and the people they have loved and lost. It’s like a time machine to me and I get a serious high just going through these photos.

Passionate people inspire me, authenticity inspires me and I have a deep and uncontrollable need to document life, and time, and as it reveals itself to me I am continually inspired. I wish I was a poet or a writer or a singer, but you know what…I really can’t write worth a Sh*t and very much dislike being in front of people and that’s why I love being a photographer because I can be the fly on the wall - your third wheel watching your story unfold and I get to document it, and you know what? I freaking love it!

I adore capturing life, a great story, a fleeting moment. So let me capture yours!

I want to hear all about you and your love. So let’s chat and see if we are the perfect fit!

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