some recent Love Stories


Hey! I’m Christine!

Inevitably, there is always that one person at every wedding that wants to take a photo of me, I think they feel bad for me by the end of the day… this is how I get all my profile photos btw…

I am first a mom; my most important, coveted job - the thing I aspired to be since I was old enough to hold a doll. My children give me life, they give me inspiration and they are the reason I started this journey that has taken me more places emotionally and physically than I ever dreamed of. I owe them my everything.

I’m a wedding, family, destination & elopement photographer based in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Photographs are what we have left. They are the only tangible evidence of what once was…This is the number one reason I take my job so seriously.

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a love note from Adam & Daniella - an international love story

“Being a photographer myself, there were many things I was looking for in a wedding photographer to capture the moments of our special day. Living in Australia and getting married in Idaho, made it even harder to know where to begin. When I found Christine, I was instantly drawn to her work, her impeccable eye and understanding of light, and the ability to capture emotion and tell a beautiful story through her photographs.

When I met her in person in the States a few months before our wedding, it was an absolute bonus that was was so lovely, with a calming presence (definitely what you want on your wedding day!) Nothing was too hard and she made everything feel easy and seamless.
She was fantastic on the day, she captured all the most precious moments in a non-invasive way. We absolutely LOVE our photographs, and I still get a little teary when I look at them. I can’t recommend Christine enough, an absolute talent and joy to work with!”