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Trail Creek Cabin Wedding | Sun Valley, Idaho

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Where to begin…Jared and Juli are some of the most dynamic, bad ass people you will probably ever meet, and I am not the only one who thinks so. Countless speeches and toasts were given over the course of 3 days about these two beautiful souls- about their love not only for each other, but also for everyone that shares space with them. When going through the process of booking a wedding, there's a slow and natural transition where strangers who've found me on the internet become dear friends. This type of friendship is special because we're not just getting to know each other or finding commonalities, we're doing that while creating plans and conspiring together to make something special. We talk in statements of hopes and dreams. The way the day feels, the peace of mind, the nerves, and anticipation of happy moments all build up inside me to a special point I can only describe as the type work your heart gets behind, so it no longer feels like work. I get to know about their families, their story, and their future and it all matters, it all becomes so important to me. When I first started chatting with them last winter about their in Sun Valley at Trail Creek Cabin and all the planning and dreams they had for their wedding (week) I just knew that it would be nothing short of a fairytale, and that it was.

The wedding day started off with a brunch at The Boho Lounge for the guys before they headed off to get ready. The girls showed up and transformed the boho chic restaurant into a full on girl frenzy of hair tools and beauty products! It was so unique and the absolute best place to get ready! Juli’s long time best friend, Jordan, did her hair and makeup just like they did when they were roomies long ago, just the sweetest thing ever. Juli’s mom MADE her wedding dress, Yes you read that right, MADE!!! It was stunning, the details and time and love that went into making her daughter a wedding dress made it that much more special. While Juli put her dress on and her mom lovingly inspected it and made sure every little detail was just right, it reminded me of how important family is, and how much love goes into all the little details and it made me think of my own daughter getting married one day and when I think about family, I think about this kind of love.

We did the first look at Trail Creek and during one of the initial moments a butterfly flew by and I heard Juli say she loved them and Jared replied “oh you love butterflies do you” little did Juli know that Jared had butterflies brought in to be released during their first dance.. the whole day was filled with these small thoughtful moments that made everything so special. Also - baby pygmy goats were another one of Jared’s fun surprises (talk about one of the most thoughtful people) for the guests to feed and have photo op’s with and we all found out how much Jared loves baby pygmy goats…you guys they are the CUTEST little animals you have every seen and I am pretty sure there are more photos of them than anything else.

Jared and Juli’s ceremony was held at the upper grounds at Trail Creek Cabin and they put their own twist on it by having a circular ceremony that didn’t face Baldy - (the normal view) which I kind of loved because a new perspective is always so refreshing! Jared rode in on a motorcycle and then DANCED down the aisle with his mom, brother and dad who we all found out had the best dance moves out of everyone! Jared and Juli’s friends officiated the ceremony it was simple, intentional, and spoke to the type of people Jared and Juli are and I can’t even really put it into words how present everyone was, but at one point during the ceremony I just found myself not taking photos because I was in so much awe of that present moment and the stillness of everyone…yes even the goats. The guests held hands and circled the Chuppah. Shots were taken and the first kiss was pure magic and I don’t think I have ever seen more cheering and crying simultaneously while they walked down that aisle as husband and wife and rode away on the motorcycle. After the ceremony the guests made their way down to the lower grounds at Trail Creek where they sipped yummy cocktails and had some amazing apps. Jared and Juli were announced and went straight to their first dance at dusk and all the guests let their butterflies go! It was quite honestly one of the most beautiful first dances I have ever seen! The night ended in the big tent with deserts and toasts and definitely one of the best dance parties ever, with DJ Jens slaying the music!

Jared and Juli, thank you so much for trusting me to capture your wedding, the events leading up to, and the ones after. What an amazing experience. Thank you for becoming friends to me, and to my family. I look forward to knowing you and spending more time with you in the future. XOXO

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This wedding was put together and coordinated by such a talented team of vendors that I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with!

Wedding Planner : K2 Design & Production

Venue: Trail Creek Cabin, Sun Valley Idaho

Floral Design : Best Day Ever Floral Design

DJ : Jens Peterson

Videographer : AFLATIS Films

Second Shooter : Karlie Jeneson