Roundhouse Winter Wedding - Sun Valley, Idaho | Robbie + Sarah | Sun Valley Wedding Photographer


Looks like we made it

Look how far we've come my baby

We mighta took the long way

We knew we'd get there someday

First Dance - Shania Twain

Robbie and Sarah’s wedding was a first for me on many levels. It was outside - at night, in the middle of a snowstorm on the side of a mountain. I loved every minute of it! Their love for each other and the love that came from their close friends and family is immeasurable. I didn’t get to spend as much time with them as I so most of my couples but the time I did spend was pure joy!

As The Junebugs played “Looks like we made it” and Robbie and Sarah danced and everyone was huddled in the little down stairs room at the Roundhouse I couldn’t hold back my tears.

This night wouldn’t have been possible without the wonderful help and hardwork from these vendors, and of course, Robbie and Sarah! Ha! Thank you both for creating such a unique and special night for all of us.

Venue: Roundhouse | Sun Valley Idaho

Wedding planner : Blue Bottle Events

Florist : Tara Bella Flowers

Hair : The Feathered Flip

Makeup : Lea Webber | Bare Sun Valley

Band: The Junebugs